Bubblino bubblin


Absolutely loved watching Bubblino spout his bubbles at Interesting (I promise this will be the last Interesting-related post!). It’s a bot built on Arduino that blew bubbles whenever anyone tweeted anything with #interesting09. It soon became part of the surroundings – I almost felt it would be unnatural if it was suddenly taken away. Thankfully that didn’t happen.

Reminded me of Baker Tweet. I think there’s something to be said for bots that use human-powered data to create something useful, or in Bubblino’s case, entertaining. I think they’re the future. Michael Arrington says something along the same lines here, where he speaks about Toy Bots. Also, I enjoyed reading this list of appliances that could potentially be much more fun ro use if they had Twitter integrated.

While on the subject of Arduino, I was at the launch of Nokia’s PUSHN900 event last week – the sample project built by Tinker.it which involved hacking four ’80’s objects with the N900, used Arduino too. (The N900 itself is built on Maemo). I think we’ll be hearing more of the platform in the coming months.

[Image via nuttyxander on Flickr]

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