When 2+2 does not make 4

ralph lauren-net-a-porter-ad

Apparently this is not as new as I thought, but I feel something doesn’t quite make sense with the strategy behind Ralph Lauren’s polo line in aid of Fashion Targets Breast Cancer, in collaboration with luxury fashion site Net-A-Porter, the sole retailer. They say all net proceeds go to a selection of charities, which is fine. But Net-A-Porter is known for its very premium offering – people go there to buy stuff like Chanel, Marni and Miu Miu that cost hundreds if not thousands of pounds. Will consumers really buy the T-shirt to make a difference? Wouldn’t they be able to donate much more than just the £35 that the T-shirt costs if the cause was what they were attracted to? Because branded it may be, but it’s not exactly something to wear to a posh event. Somehow this seems to me the kind of project MADE for celebrities, like in the ad pictured here, which feature Lily Cole and Lily Donaldson among others. Maybe I’m completely wrong – but I’d like to know exactly how many people have bought the T-shirt.

It isn’t like the Livestrong band, which was sold via Nike for $1 when it was launched in 2004. It matched the brand, it was accessible and for a cause.  Gap’s [red] line is another example. It fits with the regular kind of clothes Gap sells anyway. I don’t have the stats but there was a point when I saw tons of [red] stuff on people on the streets, as well as the Livestrong band. I haven’t yet with this Ralph Lauren T-shirt. I haven’t seen a single person wearing it, to be honest.


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