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planner reads

Bud Caddell over at Undercurrent, he with the obsession with bookmarking (I mean that in the nicest possible way, Bud!) has created a thing of great utility – Planner Reads. If you’re a planner/strategist type, use Google Reader and share stuff on it that you think other people would also find cool, then head over to his spreadsheet, enter your details, and become a part of this growing fraternity. I’ve joined the gang. Details, background etc. here.

3 thoughts on “Planner Reads

    • So far it’s OK – I’ll give it a bit longer. Most of the bookmarked articles right now are from Bud – other people really need to start contributing, only then can we see how effective it really is. That’s why I blogged about it. That list – of people who are planners – is currently just that, a list – I don’t know how many are actively sharing stuff on Google Reader yet, to be indexed. I suspect it will need about a 100 ACTIVE people to start being actually useful. Maybe people just don’t have that time?

  1. Hey guys, thanks for the feedback. If you check out the page, you’ll see a tab on the right side, where you can toss your ideas, complaints, etc. I’m definitely keeping an eye on it, and working up ways to improve it. This was really pre pre pre alpha.

    And on the feed route, I would definitely say not to add it to your reader. It’s just spewing content right now. I need to work to make the feed just the very top and most shared content.

    Thanks again.

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