New-look Alltop

In the months when Guy Kawasaki was launching Alltop, I used to spend a few minutes every now and then exploring it because I heard a lot about it on Twitter. It literally is an “online magazine rack” of popular topics, as the site says – I’m the sort of person who finds aggregators rather useful because they help me see a variety of news sources in one place. 

Anyway, I just heard that Alltop has now revamped itself. It now looks sleeker and much better organised.

Some of the slightly more uncommon topics you can explore on Alltop – categories which have been added very recently – are Etsyrati (for sellers of handmade things on Etsy), Fatosphere (for news on – what else – fat and obesity!! -does this say anything about the state of health of the American population?), and VIPs (where you can find the latest news linked to people like Gordon Brown, George Bush, Steve Jobs and the like). 
All in all, a good way to get news about stuff you’re interested in at one go. I’m pretty sure this will help me in my goal to be interesting, as Russell Davies says!

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