Water, water everywhere..

Recently I read about Tap’d NY, a new bottled water company in the city that sells water that has been obtained from New York taps but purified through reverse osmosis (whatever). They claim to be morally superior to other brands of water because they eliminate the transportation miles that accrue to their competitors who import water from half-way around the world. In addition, they ‘encourage’ refilling and recycling their bottles as part of their eco-friendly role. (If I refill it with ordinary tap water, I’m not giving them business, but I don’t suppose they thought of that). As I said before, whatever. But stay with me.

The currently underway London Design Festival had a competition to create uniquely-designed carafes that would encourage Londoners to drink tap water rather than buy the more expensive, bottled brands. Basically, when you and I go to restaurants here, Thames Water and the Mayor of London think that the pretty-looking bottle (the image above is the winning design) will make us more likely to drink tap water than ask for the mineral branded stuff. 
I like nice-looking things and all that, but it’s not going to make a whit of a difference to me because I ask for tap water anyway. My question to you is: if I put New York’s Tap’d water and this lovely bottle with London’s tap water in front of you, which one would you go for?!!! Would you go for Tap’d, because it is purified water (albeit tapwater originally), or for London water, which is certainly more eco-friendly but maybe less (how much less, I don’t know – but I’m sure someone will start running tests sooner or later to answer that) ‘pure’?
Don’t we live in interesting times. 
*Update: The design pictured above is just one of the ten shortlisted entries – the winner will be announced only in December. It was brought to my notice by someone from the London on Tap campaign – thanks for your note, Amy!

4 thoughts on “Water, water everywhere..

  1. Thank you for mentioning the London On Tap design competition which is part of the London On Tap campaign launched by Thames Water in February.

    This is not the winning design however – it is only one of ten that have been shortlisted from 115 entries.

    The winner will not be announced until December. All ten designs can be viewed at http://www.londonontap.org!

  2. On the Tap’dNY site, I came across this:
    COMING SOON! Refillable Sigg bottles. With free refills available at 500,000 NYC taps, we couldn’t resist making these

    To your statement that if people refilled, they would be killing their business :

    I would assume that they are buidling a green brand and have a profit sharing arrangement with Sigg. They are not in the business of bottled water but in the business of brand building.

  3. Anonymous: A brand is only as good as its product. If they are selling tap water, which should be free to anyone and everyone, I don’t personally think they have an advantage from a brand point of view. Sometimes in the race to be different, people lose sight of the real goal.

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