Start-up interview: @andrewscrym on @exposed_skylark


Andrew Scrymgeour is a colleague at work, and was recently chatting to me about a new app he’s built called Exposed. In essence, it enables anyone to upload their own Instagram pictures which can then be printed on a T-shirt, hoodie or vest. They make great gifts obviously. Currently only for iPhone, but there are lots of updates in the pipeline, as he says. Here’s some more:

What’s the story behind Exposed, why did you think it was something there would be a market for? I understand you created it as part of a work project.

The project was born out of two fundamental motivations. Firstly, I’d just turned 30 and after a lifetime of ideas and projects which I’d never fully brought to life, I felt it was time to give one a go. The second was simply to empower people to express themselves by giving their clothes a bit more meaning than what they might buy elsewhere. The work side of things was part of a leadership project which encouraged us to set stretch objectives, beyond our day-to-day and make them happen. It kept me focused when previously I’d probably have moved onto something else when I’d gotten stuck, so I was staying on track.

When you were thinking of building Exposed, what other ideas did you think of that Exposed won out over?

The initial idea is as it currently exists, but as I thought more about the end possibilities, I found myself trying to run before I’d even put my shoes on, so I’m taking it slow for the time being. There are more developments in the pipeline which will hopefully inspire the public but if you’re fishing for more ideas, then you’ll have to wait and see. My Evernote is full of restless thoughts; maybe this one will help fund something else which will change the world.

What are your future plans for Exposed, given it’s currently only available for iPhone?

Getting the major mobile devices sorted is my main focus at the moment, then we’ll look to expand production into other territories where there’s traction. My day job comes first, so I’m being careful not to over extend myself for the time being.

What ideas, sites, and/or images served as inspiration for Exposed’s look, logo and design?

I remember seeing a poster at an industry event “Move fast and break things” in simple text and solid coloured background and I’m a regular at the Design Museum across the river. I’d say those two points gave me some direction but in a previous life I was a graphic designer and loved typography so everything was chosen for a reason. Now that I think about it the logo and name probably held me up for the longest. as I couldn’t fully imagine the project without getting those two right.

Who are the other people who have helped you on this journey so far?

There are a few close friends who have shared the journey so far, they know who they are so wont embarrass any of them but I will say I wouldn’t be anywhere without a good Lawyer, a great Photographer and a Fiancée who got in front of the camera.

What are the challenges you’ve faced that you’d like others to learn from?

Thinking back to when I was first getting started, the challenges seemed endless (and overwhelming) but breaking things down to digestible actions and staying motivated was the key to moving forward. If you isolate each problem, it wasn’t exceptionally hard to overcome, but when looking at them all together the task seemed insurmountable. There was one memorable low point when I was ready to give up but luck was on my side and things turned around.

What’s been your biggest learning so far from Exposed, as an entrepreneur?

If it feels like something you’ll always regret not doing, then you should probably go ahead and do it. Life is short, so better make the most of it.

And finally, what’s the best Instagram picture anyone has uploaded to the app so far?!

Those are all confidential of course, but I will say it was rude!

Thanks Andrew, and good luck with Exposed! 

You can get updates from Exposed on Twitter

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