A quick note about the recent @TechCityIWD

I was really glad to be a part of the International Women’s Day Tech City Showcase on March 8th. It was a great group of very smart women who were showcasing their work across a range of industries: design, games, retail, education, music, media and more. The format was very flexible, it was a really informal atmosphere and so diverse in terms of work showcased that there was bound to be something for everyone. Leila showcased her thermal printer from Happenstance, Haiyan Zhang used MindWave and Leap Motion to build a cat staring game (yes you heard that right!), Codasign showcased a music-making banana with Makey Makey (later figured out they were the ones I did the Arduino ghost-making workshop with last year) – they were just a handful of the brilliant projects there. Very inspiring.

Thanks to Alex, Becky, Ana and Natasha for organising!

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