Seth Priebatsch: The Game Layer on Top of the World

I know it seems like its raining TED talks here. I’m actually going to try my best to highlight all the good ones I possibly can, because there are some excellent nuggets of knowledge in them and curating them is no easy task.

Seth Priebatsch from SCVNGR talks here about game dynamics. It’s a very entertaining talk, with some humorous examples that illustrate how the dynamics between connections is now more important than the connections themselves. In other words, the game layer is more important in this decade than the social layer.

So, the social layer is all about these connections. The game layer is all about influence. It’s not about adding a social fabric to the Web and connecting you to other people everywhere you are and everywhere you go.It’s actually about using dynamics, using forces, to influence the behavior of where you are, what you do there, how you do it. That’s really, really powerful, and going to be more important than the social layer. It’s going to affect our lives more deeply and perhaps more invisibly. And so it’s incredibly critical that at this moment, while it’s just getting constructed, while the frameworks like Facebook, like the Open Graph, are being created for the game layer equivalent, that we think about it very consciously, and that we do it in a way that is open, that is available, and that can be leveraged for good.

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