Wonderful Wimbledon

I went to Wimbledon today to watch the tennis championships. It was a warm, sunny day – thankfully the rain didn’t play spoilsport.

As we were waiting in the queue to enter, volunteers were handing out free samples of one of those brands that make fruit muesli bars. I kept mine in my bag, and when I went through security check (yes, just like in airports), the guard told me that I couldn’t take the bar in because it was a ‘branded item’ and would ‘constitute advertising in the grounds’, which wasn’t allowed as per their rules (!!!!). According to the friend who accompanied me, it was probably because he wanted to have it for himself (ha ha), but jokes aside, the guy happened to overlook the fact that I had a Nikon camera and a bottle of Evian water (another free sample) as well. So Evian and Nikon aren’t brands but Jordan’s is?

Walking back to the tube station in the evening, I caught this on camera. Smart way of appealing to the public in an area whose claim to fame is the tennis arena after which it is named!

2 thoughts on “Wonderful Wimbledon

  1. that’s insane! could you have just taken it out of the packet, and handed the wrapper to him? eff me, that’s really really stoopid. Did they make everyone take of t-shirts with logos on? methinks not…

  2. Hey Steve – Yeah he did tell me that I could take it in a tissue paper, but I didn’t have one on me and he didn’t offer one, so I didn’t bother! It was so dumb! No, didn’t see any people taking T-shirts off at the entrance (though many did once they got inside due to the sun ha ha!!)

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