Kissing, licking and intolerance

So we all know about the Heinz kiss controversy. I don’t know who the 200 people are that complained, but I’m wondering why they, and the organisations that are up in arms, didn’t open their mouths about the Starburst Choozers ad which features a man licking another man in the end. Both are amusing, and that’s the spirit in which they are meant to be taken. Heinz bowed down to the pressure and pulled the ad and there’s even been talk of boycotting them, but I’m wondering if it would have been any different if it was Starburst. They probably would have done the same. So then we boycott Starburst also? Why don’t they just ban any sort of non-heterosexual ads and make it clear, then? Impose restrictions on any sort of non-standard ad. Some ads are going to offend white people, some will offend Asians, some even women. Where does it end?

I just think people need to take themselves less seriously in life. What do you think?

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