Hello, @othervalleys – web version!

It’s been an interesting ride for the Other Valleys. From starting life as a newsletter in 2014, to being featured in Forbes, Observer and blog posts listing interesting newsletters (honoured), I’ve been thinking of what next for it (and have been asked the same question by MANY people along the way as well!).

Well, the answer is finally here.

I launched a new website for the Other Valleys over the weekend, and look forward to being able to explore some of the ideas a bit more in detail where relevant, and just being able to chronicle the news articles better overall. If you read the Other Valleys and like it (thank you so much), you can help by spreading the word and getting more people along for the ride: follow us on Twitter and tweet the word out, add othervalleys.net to your RSS, recommend people sign up via email or just bring it up in a conversation perhaps?!

There’s so much brilliant stuff happening around the world right now, I hope I can capture the best of them in technology & creativity. Watch out for a few original interviews now and then as well. And as always, thanks for being subscribers.

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