A handful of creative Cannes campaigns

I recently got to hear of some of the most interesting global campaigns that were shown at Cannes earlier this year from some of my colleagues who went there. These are some that stood out for me in terms of creativity, apart from the well-known winners that is.

The Peugeot airbag in a magazine ad. Hit the image of a car in a magazine and the other side of the page has a mini-airbag inflating.

The WWF campaign in Hungary – ‘the world’s greenest leaflet’: Two people dressed as pandas go up and down escalators to spread a message but not paper.

Share a Coke in Australia: Coke cans with the most common names that people can give to friends with those names.

Coke Polar Bowl: I obviously didn’t see this when it was live, but apparently millions of people watched the Super Bowl with these pandas, who provided entertaining commentary on the game and the commercials. The funniest part is when a Pepsi ad is shown in the breaks, apparently they walk off screen!

The ‘Wrong Movie’ campaign for the Israeli Alzheimer’s Association: When people were all settled to watch their movies in cinema theatres, they were shown the beginning reel of a wrong film, followed immediately by a message saying that that was what it was like for people with Alzheimer’s. Pretty effective.

Joe FM’s National Surprise Party in Belgium: Imagine if you go on a holiday for 2 weeks, and when you come back every media platform from radio to TV to outdoor posters wishes you a happy birthday (which it is), and you get to celebrate your birthday with thousands of people as a surprise. Joe FM decided to celebrate this man’s birthday instead of their own. Lovely idea, if expensive to carry out!

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