Glad I was part of @neilperkin’s research on new agency models

Earlier this year, I was one of 21 people working at agencies who were interviewed by Neil Perkin for an Econsultancy/Adobe research report on new model for agencies in a digital world. We had a very interesting conversation on the different kinds of agencies that exist today and how new technologies are changing the way they operate. The final report is a really interesting read for anyone working in the industry.

From Neil’s blog post introducing the study:

The overarching themes of this model are pulled together in a  framework that references the progression of economic value model derived from Gilmore and Pine’s The Experience Economy (a HT to Richard Sedley for pointing me at it). Reapplying this to the context of agency maturity in approach to (and the use of) technology provides a useful framework for understanding the progression of agency value over time and the shift from delivering services, towards staging experiences, and eventually to guiding transformations for clients.

A free summary of the report can be accessed here, while the full 59-page report is at the Econsultancy website here.

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