SXSWi 2011 Panel Curation Ahoy!

OK, so there are 2392 panel proposals for next year’s SXSW Interactive Festival and it’s not an easy job wading through all of them – heaven knows not many people have that kind of time nowadays. I thought it would be useful to pull out the panels I’m definitely voting for, for one reason or another, and I urge you to give these your vote too.

First off, Made by Many has 3 panels in the fray, including one from Yours Truly:

1. “Daddy, You Should Tweet That: Parenting Goes Digital”, which will draw on, amongst other things, our experience with the parenting web thanks to Ready for Ten.

2. “Good News: Apps, Paywalls, Publishers and Content”, whose panellists will include some of the people behind FT Tilt and the Telegraph news website.

3.  “The Last of the Launch-and-Leave ‘Ems”, where I’ll have a presence and Made by Many, Mel (BBH Labs) and Peter Parkes (Skype) will discuss the ‘new’ kind of digital platform and the processes involved in making them smooth and successful projects.

A project that I’m affiliated with:

4. “Better Crowdsourcing: Lessons Learned from the 3six5 project”, because in addition to being a part of it, I think Len Kendall and Daniel Honigman are really putting a lot of effort into what I think is a truly innovative and entertaining endeavour.

Smart folk, smart thoughts:

5. “Community Thunderdome: Branded vs. Unbranded, You Decide”, because Bud and Mike were super entertaining last year and I’m sure they will be in Part Deux.

6. “Genius Steals: Remix Culture IS Culture”, because I believe it is. Period. And because Faris rocks.

7. “Who’s Following Me: Privacy and Social Media”, because I’m constantly trying to balance my concepts of the private and the public, sharing and over-sharing in this networked world.

8. “People Are Stupid, and How to Fix Them”, because sometimes the web vexes me. And Clay’s a smart chap.

9. “Ideas Die in the Dark”, because good ideas deserve to see the light of day and this throws the issue into the issue of being people precious about the ideas into the open.

10. “Ladies Claim Digital Strategy is the New Creativity”, because the panellists are smart. And OK, I want to fly the flag of feminism this once.

11. “Persona-fication, or Falling in Love with a Bot”, because where’s the line between IRL and online personas?

12. “Tuttle2Texas: London-Austin via railroad and social capital”, because I thought it was brave of Lloyd to do this and his trip is an example of something most people probably wouldn’t have believed can be done.

13. “FTW: Building a Killer Professional and Personal Network”, because I’d like to know how ;-), and Stephen promises it will be ‘interactive, fun, and connect folks attending’.

14. “Ad Agencies Need A New Mindset To Survive”, because they do, and Edward and Ben are good candidates to ask the difficult questions.

15. “A Guide to Long-Term Perspective on Trends”, because too many people (including me, on occasion) jump to conclusions too swiftly and it will be useful to discuss how to identify useful long-term patterns vs. short-term ones.

Voting ends August 27th. If you think these panels will be as interesting as I do, please give them your support and spread the word – thank you!

** Late bonus entry – Pies, Ties and Behavioural Economics, because you probably will vote for it anyway as soon as you read the description: “We’ve disguised behavioural economics and experiments in play as a pie cart and a tie cart.” The only thing that would make this better is if it featured robots as well.

Image by mädchenkrawall via Flickr courtesy a Creative Commons license

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