And the mountain gets higher…

Another tweet that caught my eye the other day.

Lately, I have been feeling this way too. Boing Boing is just one of those blogs that have a lot of posts every day, but there are quite a few others. I don’t know if the people who run those blogs are aware that sometimes it is just too overwhelming. Similar to the way you can miss others’ tweets on Twitter if you are not logged in at any given point in time, excessive posts on a blog in a day result in me allowing them to pile up in my feed reader, and then eventually hitting the ‘mark all as read’ button just to get back to the starting line again (I’m one of those people who has to have a clear inbox everyday). I’m not sure if this is something the editors/writers of those kind of blogs even consider, but surely they must? Or do they know about it, but ignore it because of a business need to stock up the posts to get advertising revenue?


2 thoughts on “And the mountain gets higher…

  1. the editors must know about this, right? i had exactly the same thing with wired. in the end i took it off my feed reader and bookmarked it instead, to make it more of a graze than something that sat on my to-read list every day. turns out it’s worth more to me that way, too.

    • hi there james, and thanks for stopping by to comment! that’s a smart approach too, except that i find that i rarely notice things that are not on my feed reader because there’s more than enough there 🙂

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