Of menus and ideas…

Yet another set of useless leaflets and menus came through the door today. I don’t know why people really bother. During the Seth Godin talk a couple of weeks ago, one of the thoughts that flitted through my mind at some point (I can’t quite remember what set it off) was related to this issue of leaflets. Menus are the sole useful thing that gets sent through the door that way, in fact there have been a couple of times when we’ve actually looked for some restaurant menus we use often. Now I know the internet is always there, but many people (especially older ones) prefer having a menu to look at in their hands when they want to order in. Plus, you know, sometimes broadband may be down and you may be starving. So what if you had a book or booklet that contained menus from all the local restaurants in your area, that you could place neatly in a corner rather than collecting multiple bits of paper and stuffing them in a draw? That way, you’re saved the bother of receiving daily copies of the same thing, and you also know where the menus are when you need them. Providing, of course, you could convince the restaurants of the very rational fact that they could be using the money they spend on printing hundreds of copies of their menus on things that could be much more profitable for their business.

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