Food for thought

A heads-up about a couple of things: the first is PSFK’s Good Ideas Salon London in association with The Guardian, which is happening this Friday, the 30th of January. If you go to the site regularly like I do, then you’ll know that the event is likely to be full of nuggets of knowledge. I’d especially love to hear Matt Hardisty from AnalogFolk (a champ of a guy if ever there was one and I’m saying that based on experience), Paul Graham from Anomaly UK (again, one of the more innovative companies around) and Sophie Howarth (because I’d really like to hear about her experience at the School of Life). Tickets are still available, so if you’re in London then you should think about picking one up.  

The second thing I wanted to mention is Alfie Dennen‘s AGIT8, a movement about modern technologies and how they are changing the way we live. Alfie’s the brains behind some very interesting ideas like What is the question?’ and ‘Britglyph’, and I think the way he translates his ideas into actions (usually a concept based on interaction and playfulness, because who can resist having fun) is pretty darn smart. In fact, I amused myself the day ‘What is the question?‘ went live by figuring out the answers to some of the riddles sitting at home. I should have actually gone out and been on the treasure hunt myself, I know. You can follow Agit8 on Twitter here and Alfie Dennen here. 

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