The calculated economics or utter randomness of it all

There seem to be multiple people who work in advertising, marketing and media (and especially those who blog) with the first names Charles, Dave, John, Mark, Paul, and Rob. Take a look at my blogroll if you don’t believe me. This got me thinking about the Freakonomics concept and whether the name you give a child matters (if you haven’t read the book yet, you should. It’s very engrossing and entertaining). The names I just mentioned are fairly standard, common ones, but Levitt and Dubner mention names like Temptress (by a mother who was watching the Cosby Show and misheard the name of the actress Tempestt Bledsoe) and Amcher, who was named after the first thing his parents saw when they came out of the operating room: Albany Medical Center Hospital Emergency Room. Funny, I know. The economists argue that parents who can’t be bothered to think long and hard about their kids’ names shouldn’t be surprised when they turn up in court for various misdeeds. On that note, I don’t suppose Charles, John, or Paul were given those names with the assumption that they’d be creative, do you?I’m sure there’s a case for economic analysis here, if someone could be bothered to survey the names of people in the media business!!

On another note, two people I interviewed on this blog have recently left their motherships : Stuart Smith from Wieden + Kennedy London has gone to Google Labs in New York, and Dave Birss has left Poke London to focus on his own business, Unchained – a great site that promotes boutique, one-off stores as opposed to the Sainsbury’s, Boots, and Adidases of the world. They’re both brilliant people and I want to wish them the very best in their new endeavours. I’m wondering, though, if THAT is some sort of trend as well. Are people getting tired of the sheen of advertising? Is there something I should know about it that I don’t, now that I’m trying my dogged best to get into the field?

Are you there, God, it’s me, Anjali!!

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