What I’ve been upto recently

Two events I attended last week that I must mention:
1. Brief 2008. Ashley and Anthony did a great job of organising an event that truly encouraged creative thinkers to ‘push the brief’ (Good work by Ike on the design of the event poster, by the way). What I liked about it is that it wasn’t just for the experienced industry people, but newbies and middleweights as well. In fact, the newest kids on the block won, and I think it’s great they had the chance to get noticed at an event like that. Complicated brief, and a variety of ways emerged to tackle it.

2. A talk on harnessing user-led innovation, at NESTA. A couple of main issues were tacked: how to encourage innovation and push the change of regulation around user-led innovation in the UK. NESTA has commissioned this research by the Centre for Research in Innovation Management (CENTRIM), University of Brighton, and the Science Technology Policy Research Unit, University of Sussex. Interesting cases that were discussed (and the heads/a representative from these were included in the panel), were Sibelius Software, a firm that makes music notation software, and Swapitshop, a site for teenagers that lets them swap stuff for free and earn credits to buy things they want as well – essentially, sites that are utilising ideas contributed by users to innovate. The report is available to download free, here.

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