The Brain Tap Series: Interview 3 – Gaurav Mishra

This week in the Brain Tap interview series, we have Gaurav Mishra, a self-confessed ‘marketer by profession and poet at heart’. At Gauravonomics Blog, he writes about marketing, technology and social media and is frequently quoted in the Indian press as an authority on the social media scene in India . Currently, he is writing ‘The Marketer Who Went Off Consumption’, India’s first marketing book-as-a-blog. Gaurav’s been very forthcoming about his thoughts and I hope to contact him at some stage later to hear more of what’s happening in India.

The questions I’ve been asking the first few people on this series have been the same, and I will tweak it around a bit, but for now, I’m having a lot of fun reading the variety of responses that I’ve been getting. I hope you are too.

The interview:

1. Which is your all-time favorite ad and what do you think makes it work?

I’m not particularly turned on by ads per se. I think the value is not in thinking of an interesting idea that works for 30 seconds. I think that the real value is in thinking of a truly compelling idea that works over the brand’s lifecycle, that becomes an ongoing conversation between the brand and its audience, and becomes the lens through which the brand’s audience interprets culture and life itself. Amul in India and Absolut internationally are two brands that have done it well.

2. What do you think the Next Big Thing in media is going to be?

The next big thing in media is going to be social media measurement. ‘Listening to the customer’ has always been the holy grail of marketing, but it has always remained elusive. Now, customers are talking about brands in social media and the increasingly sophisticated social media measurement tools (ranging from the free Buzz Monitor to the very comprehensive and very costly Nielsen Buzzmetrics) not only allow brands to make sense of such conversations but also to use them to understand consumer needs, develop new products, develop communication messages, and track the buzz around launches, events and campaigns. Brands are only beginning to become aware of this opportunity, and none of the present players offer the full suite of solutions, but in the next three years, I see social media measurement maturing into the next big thing. Also see two posts I wrote about how social media outsourcing will be the next big business opportunity for India (1 and 2).

3. If your life could be described by a colour, what colour would that be and why?

Ah! I can’t believe you are making me do this! OK, if I were to describe myself by a colour, I would say black because black is classy, timeless, versatile, mysterious, understated and minimalistic at the same time. These are some of the values I aim for in whatever I do, even though my success rate is a little suspect. 🙂


Thanks, Gaurav. Have a good day, you all!

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