Websites I think stand apart from the rest

In reverse chronological order:

5. Wieden+Kennedy (something about its weird Star Wars/data visualization vibe!)
4. Love (because it is ‘created in powerpoint’)
3. Modernista! (because it includes its Wikipedia, Facebook and Netvibes pages and a blog, making it about its fans. The first to pull in its assets around the web as a company website.) 
2. Skittles (the site that was inspired by Modernista!’s, to its detriment, thereby requiring users to disclose their age. Includes its Twitter, Facebook and YouTube pages. I am aware that it is the only brand/non-agency site in this list. Just can’t think of any others that I really like off the top of my head. Suggestions?) 
1. BooneOakley – take a look at this and you’ll see why!