Faking it pretty

Last week, I was amused to see Charles Frith’s post on wallpapers over buildings that are under-construction or under-renovation in Beijing. I immediately recalled it when I walked past Harrods the other day. Pretty well-done, huh? I think it’s a great way of beautifying something till the work is complete – haven’t seen it happening in too many places yet, but maybe it’s an upcoming trend? You know where to say you saw it first!

Uniqlo’s UT range

Been noticing posters advertising T-shirts like this all over London tube stations (mostly). Uniqlo’s UT project has some serious publicity material pushing its case – so much so that I was curious enough to find out what it was about. It’s this. Essentially, if you’re tired of seeing someone else on the road/train/bus wearing exactly the same T-shirt, then Uniqlo has got artwork by Eighties artists Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat, and even Manga-inspired designs, on their latest range of tees to change that. And no, they haven’t ignored men or anything.