House-hunting woes

I’ve been looking for an apartment to move into and for the umpteenth time am struck by the sheer frustration that the house-hunting process involves. Estate agents are more likely than not to make your life hell with their processes, demands and rigid ways of working. At the end of the day, it is the … More House-hunting woes

How NOT to do PR

Dear Mark Cooper from Van Communications, I was absolutely sure that yours was a spam email, but when I checked your company’s website out of curiosity, I learnt that it actually does exist, and worse, you are a PR company! You asked me to comment on a blog post on your company’s website, after asking … More How NOT to do PR

Words from my mouth

Two interesting pieces of information I downloaded recently, both related to the power of word-of-mouth for brands: one, an extract of ‘Conversational Capital’ by Canadian agency Sid Lee from Gareth Kay’s blog, and the other, the Word of Mouth Marketing Manual – Volume II, by Dave Balter from Greg Verdino’s blog. Both are worth a … More Words from my mouth

Thoughts on insight

This presentation on insight by Matthew Milan from Critical Mass led me to thinking about something I’ve been trying to figure out for some time. I’m looking for a job in London at the moment and every time I try calling consultants from my home in New York before I move there next month to … More Thoughts on insight