Madison Men

Watching the Olympics on TV this morning, I tuned in at a time when the Men’s Madison cycling event was going on. The name of the event stuck in my mind because I hadn’t heard it before with regard to sports, and also because it reminded me of a TV series that has been in the news lately – ‘Mad Men‘, AMC’s drama set in (where else) the mad, bad world of advertising. From this article I also learnt that advertising honchos during the period the series is set in (circa 1960’s) were called ‘Mad Men’ because New York’s advertising hub was Madison Avenue and it was the masculine gender that ruled the industry then. Linking that back to the Men’s Madison cycling event, it is so named because the event was first held in Madison Square Garden, New York.

Random bits of information, but somehow I thought it all made for a nice post!

[via Noah]

Fashion at the Olympics

From the New York Times, take a look at this cool slideshow, which also has a running commentary, (no embed code available, sorry) depicting various contingents marching at the Olympics Opening Ceremony last Friday, and their relationship with fashion. Did you know that Canadian sportswear company Roots sponsored the US Olympic team in 2002, and this year it was Ralph Lauren? The outfits were inspired, ostensibly, by the 1981 classic movie Chariots of Fire. Australia even had the influence of Prada in theirs!

Opening Ceremony

If you’re in New York and following the 2008 Olympics, it may be fun to go down to downtown Manhattan and visit Opening Ceremony, a store in New York started by Carol Lim and Humberto Leon, friends who met while at Berkeley in 1993. Opening Ceremony was set up in 2002 as a retail take on the Olympics and if this article is anything to go by, the designer stuff they stock will certainly be a feast for the eyes, even if it is likely to burn a hole in your pocket!