Mango & Paulo Coelho

I was walking by Mango the other day and spotted a sticker on their window mentioning a collaboration with Paulo Coelho. I couldn’t think of any other collaboration between an author and a high street brand off the top of my head, so I was intrigued enough to walk in to check it out.

Mango is selling T-shirts emblazoned with quotes from Paulo Coelho’s works for a limited period, the proceeds of which are going to the Paulo Coelho Institute which supports underprivileged Brazilian people. The box in which they are packed looks like a book (nice design touch), and I can see them being quite popular with most women who’ve read Coelho – I remember I went through a phase when I was younger, when I faithfully wrote down my favourite Coelho quotes in a notebook as I was in the process of reading his books.

Nice one.