Translating words into art

One of my favourite talks at SXSW was danah boyd’s, on privacy and publicity in a socially networked world. She’s put up the transcript of her talk here, and you should read it if you haven’t already.

4432192196_b6cd2fb065_b.jpg (1024×472)

Heather Willems of ImageThink, a company that translates talks into real-time visuals, was hard at work during the session and what you see above is what she drew as danah was speaking at SXSW. Heather kindly sent a clean graphic of her work to a bunch of us who requested it after the talk – thanks Heather!

I also thought her work on Daniel Pogue’s double review of the iPad in the New York Times last week (one for techies, one for everyone else, as he says), was quite amusing:

4481262109_9f967d2f71_b.jpg (1024×792)

Apple’s iPad

Easily THE tech news event of last week, the release of Apple’s iPad led to already vocal people being even more vociferous with their opinions, the Apple fanboys salivating with pleasure, and everyone else forced to have some sort of opinion about it one way or the other. And that includes me. Where I work, Apple rules the roost – indeed, I use a BlackBerry and as the only non-iPhone user, am the victim of constant ‘oh you poor thing’ digs. I use a Mac in the office though, and it is an infinitely superior experience to the PC. And I also own an iPod Touch.

So when PSFK asked the Purple List to air their views about the iPad, I chipped in, buoyed by a very interesting talk about it pre-release with James Higgs and Simon I’Anson. Here’s what I said:

The iPad will not fundamentally change the way data creators work, i.e bloggers, tweeters – the active web population like us. It will, however, change the way the large proportion of data consumers work; people like our parents who have minimal use for the web (surfing, emailing, perhaps booking tickets and so on). For people like us, the iPod Touch and the Macbook are necessary – I see the touch screen as not being very conducive to use for epic blog posts, for example! The iPad will be an addition to a suite of internet-enabled accessories that a person may have. It will be very useful on the go.

Go read the rest here.