PSFK Good Brands Report 2009

PSFK recently conducted a survey of over 100 media, technology and advertising people from the Purple List to get their opinion of which brands are the best of 2009. (I use the word ‘best’ as the superlative of ‘good’ in this case). They narrowed the list down to about 40 based on which brands were being referred to most in posts on their website. In order, the top 10 are Google, Apple, Zipcar, Good Magazine, Amazon, Facebook, Virgin, Twitter, Ikea and Skype. (Disclosure: I participated in the survey). As PSFK says, “They are not just the well-known brands of the day, but also companies that lead by example in innovation, environmental consciousness, and social policy.”

There are always lessons to be learnt from places like those. Here’s the PSFK Good Brands Report 2009: