Will Google’s Time Also Come, As Apple’s Has?

With Google Wave being mentioned by every second person I follow on Twitter, which closely follows the launch of Google Sidewiki (which I really like the concept of, never mind that it is also from Google and has its detractors), I wonder if Google will get to the stage where people will start actively displaying their dislike of what looks like a monopoly in the making. 

Apple has clearly reached that stage. DoubleTwist, a company which lets you use iTunes seamlessly with other devices (kudos to them – the iTunes model is seriously flawed), has made this excellent spoof of Apple’s landmark 1984 ad to mark the launch of a new product on October 6th. What irony that Apple, once decrying IBM’s huge market strength, has now got to the stage where fingers are being pointed at them. Such is life, in this case completely warranted (I’m talking of iTunes). Will Google’s so-called hold over users’ details cause such a video to be made about them, then?