Tracking their way to more customers

Via Drew’s blog, take a look at Domino’s Pizza Tracker which tells you at which specific stage of baking your pizza is at, before it is delivered. Somewhat similar to the tracking service offered by shipping companies like DHL, Domino’s tracker is unique because the product we can track is a consumable, and because it really mollifies you, in a sense, to know that you can actually see (or know, to be precise) what is happening to your pizza (and therefore your money), while you wait for it. Technically, Domino’s didn’t need to do that, because they already provide a 30-minute delivery guarantee for their pizzas. But this additional service will motivate even more people (like me) to order pizzas from them because it will strike them as a pizza brand that is serious about customer service and shows that in their actions. In other words, Domino’s is walking the talk. Good stuff.