Let the recording begin

Finally activated my account on Daytum. I’m looking forward to tracking the activities I do this year. I’m a bit obsessive that way. For a long time, I wondered why no one created something like this so I could keep track of what I was doing. It’s still in private beta, if you were wondering. You can read about what they’re upto on their blog.

The Daytum Chronicles

Daytum is a site where you can collect and track any data pertaining to yourself that you choose. So, for example, someone called Michelle is tracking the number of times she wears 9 different pairs of shoes that she owns, and someone else is tracking their coffee consumption. It’s quite interesting – over a period of time, you can learn much more about yourself than you’d care to think. Imagine tracking the number of times you used a particular brand, for example. You’d be able to see how much influence it has over your life, and maybe that says something about you as a person. If you wear Nike shoes more often than Cole Haan leather ones, you’re much more of a sporty than a business type, I’d say. 

Daytum’s still in beta though.