Manufacturing our landscapes

I know that the frequency of my posts has dropped considerably, but that’s only because I spend some time writing for Made By Many’s blog over here. Recent posts include my thoughts on last week’s Measurement Camp, interesting links that we’ve been looking at in the office recently and Last Graph. Go take a look. 

I watched a documentary called Manufactured Landscapes by Jennifer Baichwal featuring Edward Burtynsky recently, at Sense Worldwide. Edward Burtynsky was a TED prize winner in 2005. A photo-artist, he has spent a lot of time in and around mines and factories in the developing world. The film is as much a work of art as it is a stark depiction of reality. Some of the shots looked like they’d hold their own if they were framed on a wall. Other scenes slowly turned from black-and-white to colour, and that single motion revealed more than words could. The film aims to convey humankind’s impact on the environment, the long-standing goal of all Burtynsky’s work. I know I heard more than enough from Al Gore, but there’s something about the way Burtynsky presents his work that makes him more credible (at least to me). 
You can watch his TED talk here (34 minutes, recommended), or catch a quick glimpse of what the film is about in this trailer: