BTing up a buzz

I was at the Notting Hill Carnival yesterday and there was an ocean of people all over. It was tons of fun – if you can count steadily pushing yourself through a mass of bodies that is trying to go the opposite direction to you as ‘fun’!! No seriously, it was a good day spent. I loved the colours in the parade, and wished I had a better camera to shoot with.

There were plenty of opportunities for branding, but apart from Red Stripe, which caught my eye due to the sheer number of banners they’d put up everywhere, the only other smart ad I saw was this one by BT, which capitalised on the fact that the Carnival, one of London’s biggest street parties, was happening right after the Olympics had just ended, and the much-discussed fact that London itself is the host of the sporting event in 2012. Something that I would have thought a brand like Nike would do. Very quick reaction on the part of BT, (not coincidentally a sponsor of London 2012), I must say, though I’m not their biggest fan.

May I also say that this blog is now officially a part of the list being tracked for the Power 150. Woohoo!