Some brands do get it…

I first heard about Berocca’s Blogger Relief Pack on Priyanka’s blog, and being sufficiently intrigued, ordered one for myself. It took them less than a week to send me my pack. Here it is, in all its glory:

In case you’re wondering what it includes, there’s a glass, pen, stress ball, a keychain that makes bubble-wrap popping sounds that says ‘Ee-haa’ after you press it 200 times (yes, I tested it), a USB device in the shape of a panic button (that I haven’t tested yet), and a rubber pen holder in the shape of a man. Extremely quirky, yet for the most part, useful stuff.

Quite a few people have been writing about their experiences with Berocca since they started sending out the Blogger Relief packs, and I must say that so far, mine has been rather good. The pack arrived in good condition, got me all excited, and all in all, gave me a very positive experience of the brand. I’ve never had Berocca before, but I’m certainly up for adding some orange zing to my water, as long as it doesn’t harm me!

If only more brands took the trouble to do this, and do it well. Who doesn’t like receiving nice things in the post, that too at no cost to them? It’s a word-of-mouth world today, after all.