Blog Action Day 2011: @5050good

It’s time again for Blog Action Day (Twitter hashtag #bad11) again (how time flies). Last year, the theme was water and this time it’s food, because October 16th coincides with World Food Day.

I’d like to highlight 50/50, a project that Made by Many has been working on in collaboration with Good for Nothing. It’s a collaborative effort to raise $1 million towards the East African famine crisis. Simply put, the advertising/marketing/creative industries are building and managing small digital projects (50 totally), using their networks to spread the word and getting people to donate to the cause by being a part of their project. All proceeds go to UNICEF.

50/50: Make or Break from 5050good on Vimeo.

So far, my favourites are:

The Fat Planner: Alejandro Lozada, Head Strategist at Cheil Mexico, is eating exclusively what a refugee in East Africa would, for 50 days. Donate and show your support.

F*ckfamine Swearjar: A project by Albion London, you pledge to donate £1 for each swear word you use on Twitter.

Africashback: Everyone buys things from Amazon on a regular basis, but if you buy via, 5-10% of the proceeds go to UNICEF. Everyone wins. A project by Mike Overthrow.

The 6 Minutes Project: Donate 6 minutes of your salary to the cause. The Social Practice and the Kaldor Group have built a Facebook app to help you calculate what that’s worth.

Phone2Food: Moonshot, a collective from LA, encourage you to donate your old cell phone to raise funds for the East African famine. If you’re jumping on the iPhone 4S bandwagon, you know where to send your lowly old iPhone 4.

Kids Draw for East Africa: Charlotte, one of my colleagues, and her husband John who works at Syzygy, are auctioning drawings from little ones ages 2 to 7, with all proceeds going to the cause. As they say, it’s a great way for family across the world to feel closer to the art of the children they miss.

Go and check out the whole lot. There are 40 projects live so far, and with lots of people continuing to show interest in being a part of 50/50, we’re hoping the full spread of 50 projects will be live soon. And then comes the even bigger challenge of actually getting people to contribute. We’re absolutely thrilled at the interest shown by the industry we work in – here’s a full list of who’s chipping in to 50/50, if you’re interested, and we hope that we can do a small bit for a cause that is huge and very real: the UN has declared this the worst famine in 60 years, 12 million people are at serious risk, and five times more people are at risk than died in all the recent tsunamis and earthquakes put together (Indonesia, Haiti, Pakistan, Japan) – but less than 20% of the money needed has been raised.

Please help if you can.