The 1 Second Film

Can a film really be 1 second long? Well, the 1 Second Film (which consists of 12 giant paintings in animated form) is – and what’s more, I’m part of the 11,996 people so far who will be listed in the credits as an Associate Producer. No, I’m not mega-rich – all you have to do is contribute a minimum of $1 and you’ll get your name rolling in the 90 minute credit strip (though the film is 1/90th that time!). People who are part of this project include celebrities like Kiefer Sutherland, Pierce Brosnan, Spike Jonze and Kevin Bacon (woohoo!! – full list of celebrity producers here), and it’s all for a good cause – all profits will go to the Global Fund for Women. The film is being directed by Nirvan Mullick, an animator who began this project over a year ago while still in film school. Details here.

This is my second contribution to a crowd-funded film, after Oscar and Jim last year. I think it’s pretty cool!

The animated version of YouTube

Channel 4 has created a site called, along the lines of YouTube, that purports to be the animator’s site of choice to upload free videos. It’s pretty basic for now, but they should be able to bolster it in the months to come. Some of their key ‘products’, so to speak, are videos based on a magazine called Hate!, which is of course an antithesis to all those celebrity magazines like OK! and Hello! and everything else with an exclamation. Funny.