Social design in a world of digital complexity cc @always__curious

Earlier this week I was at the V&A Museum to listen to Vinay Venkatraman, CEO of design & innovation company Leapcraft and previously of the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design, speak about design complexity in the digital age. He took us through some of his research work from India, narrating some intriguing observations that he came across. … More Social design in a world of digital complexity cc @always__curious

On premature optimization (HT @edent)

I think a lot of planners are guilty of ‘premature optimization’, a phrase I just read about in this sensible post about whether the tendency of designers to aim at 100% pixel-perfection is really warranted. Premature optimization was first mentioned by Donald Knuth, computer scientist and professor at Stanford University in a paper about structured … More On premature optimization (HT @edent)

Nice one, Spotify

I was using Spotify this morning, as I regularly do, and suddenly noticed this information in a corner. Ever since they switched to limiting listening time, I’ve wondered how I’ll know how many minutes and hours I’m using. I sort of assumed that at the end of the limit, I’d be rudely presented with a … More Nice one, Spotify

Small touches

Really nice features I noticed on Ben Hammersley’s blog that I haven’t seen on any others so far: a note that lets you know the average reading time of blog posts, and a ‘send to Kindle’ button.

Nice one, Hootsuite!

I do think the copy is cute, but more than that, I think not logging me out without asking is an extremely good usability feature. I’m not really a fan of Hootsuite, but you have to admit this little thing is lovely.