Obama on Purpose

“I’m having personal conversations with folks, meeting with them, or groups of them, and pitching them,” Obama says. “And my pitch is that the tech community is more creative, more innovative, more collaborative and open to new ideas than any sector on earth. But sometimes what’s missing is purpose. To what end are we doing this?” As the president explains, he asks potential recruits, “Is there a way for us to harness this incredible set of tools you’re developing for more than just cooler games or a quicker way for my teenage daughters to send pictures to each other?”

Fast Company: Inside Obama’s Stealth Startup

One thought on “Obama on Purpose

  1. I’m sure many of us echo with his sentiment around what problem are we trying to solve with these cool technologies 🙂 but don’t you think they co-exist for e.g dubsmash ‘n’ tesla solar battery and I’m sure this will be the case going forward as well.. Question is having the mindset from an entrepreneurs point of view of extending the core idea with a perspective of more than “cool games”.. Im sure gaming had a use case of solving the cancer e.g http://news.sky.com/story/1416417/gamers-used-in-search-for-cancer-cure

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