Thanks for @thedrum post @hamishpringle! Video of @we_are_squared hangout now live

Last week, I was invited by the current cohort of Google Squared students to participate in a Google Hangout on ‘Global brands, local consumers, glocal campaigns’ (forgive the portmanteau, it wasn’t my idea!) from their recording studio in London. Also participating were Hamish Pringle, Strategic Advisor to 23red, Stephen Woodford, Chairman of  Lexis (both Hamish and Stephen were past Director-Generals of the IPA), Arlo Brady, Managing Director at PR agency Freuds, and via video joining us were Nicole Yershon, Director – Innovations at Ogilvy, and Gregor Lawson, founder of Morphsuits.

Hamish has written an article in The Drum about the main points we spoke about, but if you have an hour, you can watch the whole discussion here.

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