A few things from January and February

A few things from January and February:


As an advisor to Angel Academe, I attended their most recent board meeting, followed by pitch practice for companies that were going to present to angel investors, and finally 2 weeks after that, I attended the actual presentations to investors by Frugl, Resatech, Vitalfootprint and Abundance Generation. It is amazing how much presentations can improve with the right input; 2 weeks of tweaking and rehearsals following feedback really made a difference. On that, Angel Academe has opened applications for the second cohort of Entrepreneur Academe which is a 9-month programme that gives female entrepreneurs access to experts on business and financial planning, technology and product development, PR/sales/marketing/social media, and investment readiness. If you’re a female founder looking for mentorship, guidance and a peer group, you should apply – the deadline is March 31st. They’re also looking for (male and female) mentors – I am one and fully recommend it. You can apply to be a mentor here.

I went to The Story last week, notes of which I’ve already written up on this blog. Hack Circus had a copy of their magazine there for attendees. I’m already a subscriber so if you’d like to have a taste of what Hack Circus is like, I’d like to offer anyone who’d like it my copy of Hack Circus Issue 5: Life for free. The first person to comment on this post telling me about a project they think represents ‘fantasy technology and everyday magic’ gets it (please mention a Twitter ID so we can liaise for the address).

I’m a trustee of Photoworks, a photography non-profit that examines the role of photos in a modern world. They are currently hiring a Head of Development, to be based in Brighton, UK. If you have any networks or email groups that might have potential candidates, it would be lovely if you could share the job posting. The application deadline is March 19th.

I was lucky enough to be able to go to the home of Index Ventures’ Saul Klein for an intimate Sofar Sounds gig by Bastille, To Kill a King and Suli Breaks this week. Read my piece in the Huffington Post here.

I was at the opening of the London Stock Exchange a few weeks ago (picture above). The trading floor as pictured in the Wall Street films doesn’t exist, people! There’s a countdown to 8am and the market is declared ‘open’ on a big screen, that’s about it. No yelling, shouting, phones ringing. As you were, then.

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