.@Kevin_Ashton on tenacity and underappreciated innovators (via @smithsonianmag)

Some really good points are made in this short interview with Kevin Ashton in Smithsonian Magazine, who is known as the person who coined the term ‘the internet of things’. One, the importance of patience and tenacity in an innovator, which I cannot overstate. Not that I am ‘an innovator’ but in my experience simply having the gumption to go on is 70% of the role. Alan Turing in the Imitation Game, for those who’ve seen it.

The other is this:

Who’s the most underappreciated inventor in history?

History overrates the role of individuals, especially individuals with power. As a result, history’s most underappreciated inventors are women, especially non-white women; and its most overrated inventors are men, especially white men. One example—there are many—Marietta Blau, a Jewish woman, made major advances in particle physics, while Cecil Powell, a British man, received the Nobel Prize for “adopting” her work.

Pretty damning that despite her contributions to Austria (her native country) and the world, Marietta Blau was not made a full member of the Austrian Academy of Sciences. Anyway.

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