On @GNLamp and #iotboost – spread the word


Alex has finally been able to launch the Good Night Lamp, open for pre-orders now. The first 100 made out of walnut are limited edition so if you’re keen on connected products then this is your chance to get a beautiful one (tip: there are only 38 sets left at the moment!). I’ve seen early prototypes and they’re truly magical. It’s taken her 10 years to get this far. The internet of things might be a buzzword and everything but actually getting funding for a company in the sphere, building a team, liaising with factories, manufacturing them, getting them to market – not easy at all. I know this from conversations with her, and I admire her for getting this far. I look forward to seeing Good Night Lamp grow.


On a related note, I also feel it is important to help internet of things startups get the leg up they need early on. Much of what I do with the Omnicom Innovation Group is about this. The Connected Digital Economy Catapult is a platform to help the best digital ideas built by UK startups go the distance. They’re holding the Internet of Things Boost event on October 3rd in Liverpool where experts from manufacturing, wireless connectivity, use research, big data, finance and marketing will be on hand to provide advice to these startups on their business problems one-on-one. I’ll be the marketing person on the team that will be holding clinics. If you are, or you know anyone, working with connected consumer products or industrial hardware, please ask them to come along (it’s free to attend) and spread the word amongst your networks.

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