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DConstruct is always my day for sitting back, listening and absorbing. Here are a few things I noted down/remember from the day:

Warren Ellis’ talk was hard work to listen to but it was beautifully written and a great history lesson; I noted down his phrase ‘too weird and woo-woo for these unironic normcore times’!

Georgina Voss on ‘reproductive vapourware‘ – crazy gynaecological apparatus from back in the day.

Clare Reddington: ‘A city is more than a place in space, it is a drama in time’ – Patrick Geddes, 1904. 2.8 Hours Later looks both crazy and fun. 2014’s Playable City winner, Shadowing, launches 11th September in Bristol – share your chalkifications on the Guardian Witness app. A quote on how the designers of the project wanted Shadowing to be ‘more like a chalkboard than a game’, which I thought was nice. Also, I completely missed the NYC Subway Signs experiment last year, that was neat!

Aaron Straup Cope on how the internet gives us a memory: ‘The ability to see into the future and into the past has not been available to most people’, and therefore how the power to recall something, to revisit it at a time and place of one’s own choosing (blogs, for example) significantly shifts the power dynamic. It is also really useful ‘in order to understand one’s own interests’. (This is why I blog even if it is sporadic!). Another thing he said that made so much sense to me: how today people are involved in ‘creating things with the intention to remember’ – I’m looking at you, Facebook – they aren’t always in the moment. Also very memorable: ‘think about what you think, know and do not just in terms of what you do but how it lasts over time.’

Brian Suda: The new digital rules – NPR on when to wish someone a happy birthday. The internet of things – ‘things imply stuff, a very first world problem’. Developing countries might not have ‘things’ and often don’t have the internet so it’s an unfair proposition at the moment – that was interesting.

Mandy Brown gave a passionate talk on how the web is unequal, a reflection of society – hence harassment etc.

Tom Scott’s talk on our future in 2030 is here.

Sadly I missed the talks by Tom Scott, Anab Jain on the Valley of the Meatpuppets and Cory Doctorow but I hear they were great – I’ll catch up on those when the videos are released.

It’s going to take some time to assimilate thoughts from DConstruct – food for the mind, difficult to digest in parts but important to consume.


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