Give your ideas some @artefact_cards oomph with input from @willsh @faris @tobybarnes @suninthecorner @jbroring & me!

I’m really happy to be part of the very creative John Willshire‘s latest Artefact Cards edition, along with Katy Jackson (Adaptive Lab), Toby Barnes (AKQA), Faris Yakob (Genius Steals), Betty Fishcake (House of Betty), Jesper Br⍥ring (Method) and Willsh himself. Themed on the World Cup (but of course!), I chose to use Germany as my inspiration. More about that from the Artefact Cards site:

We came up with the Germany card with Anjali Ramachandran in London, rooted in two concepts, from commerce and art. Firstly, we’re inspired by the strength of the German nation, both as a football team and as an country led by Chancellor Angela Merkel through the tough economic climes; how could you not have Germany in here? Secondly, we took Bauhaus as an inspiration to create a different sort of imperative for working with the cards; look at them differently, and start designing along the diagonal planes…

Here’s what all the cards look like, and here’s what the Germany edition looks like:


You can pre-order them now for delivery in early July – you know you want your ideas to get a bit of Artefact Cards  Global Grids oomph! Have fun ideating.


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