Are you as forward-thinking as these organisations?

Over the last week, I’ve seen quite a few inspiring company/employee manuals (as I’m sure many of you have). I wanted to put them down here so I have them in one place, and as a reminder that if businesses want to retain the best talent, simple, people-focussed language and values like these are only going to increase in importance over the next few years. If you run a business and you’re not thinking about this, then it you should set aside some time to do some introspection.

Undercurrent’s Employee Bill of Rights

Big Spaceship’s Manual

Possible Health’s Culture Code

And in the context of this New Yorker post on the impact of salary negotiations  for women, I was reminded of the culture manifesto of one of the earlier businesses to operate along these lines, Nixon McInnes, specifically the way they practise open-book accounting where everyone can see how much their colleagues earn, something that is likely to directly address the imbalance between salaries of men and women.

Somewhere also wrote an interesting post on work and culture on Medium this week (on that note, check out Somewhere and Zealify).


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