Love this (& all of) what @finalbullet has written about cults, commerce & the creative economy

I don’t think frustrated small businesses generally imagine they have a *superior* right to cultivate a successful, alternative, creativity-based punk economy making hemp clothes on a disused oil rig somewhere, but maybe they think they ought to have the *same* right as those who are regularly dished out sacks of money to print gigantic posters of running shoes, because of the unjust truth that money comes from an *assumption* about what’s good, rather than what just is. Society gives out cash to things that it believes will amplify cash. You might make the best hemp clothes in the world, but if you can’t afford to make a poster about it, word won’t even reach your local vegan cafe.

This entire post by Leila is just goddamn brilliant. Go and read it.

While there are obvious survival benefits, groups, maybe not surprisingly, actively freak me out. I can’t believe it’s just me.

No, it’s not just you.


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