You guys! Buy @hackcircus Issue 2!


I’ve contributed to Issue 2 of Hack Circus with a story about my bot alter-ego on Twitter, created kindly by Henry Cooke. Henry’s explanation of the tech behind it in the article is what makes it way more interesting, if you ask me. He spoke about bots and suchlike at the Hack Circus event in Sheffield yesterday, can’t wait to see his presentation online.

Issue 2 is themed around reality and features things like:

  • How to tell for sure whether you’re a brain in a jar
  • What scientists know about ghosts
  • Interview with The Long Now Foundation
  • Peeking inside a radar operators’ manual
  • Why we find meaning in bots
  • Real devices from fictional worlds
  • Kate Genevieve’s magic and sensory perception research
  • Why some people think the Universe is a hologram

Buy Hack Circus Issue 2 here!

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