Good stuff on @angelacademe front: summarising their @buddybounce investment & announcing Entrepreneur Academe

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Lots of good stuff happening on the Angel Academe front, where I am a community advisor.

The angel investor group made their very first investment in Buddybounce this month, a network founded by Emma Obanye and Giulia Piu that helps 16-24 year olds connect with the celebrities they are crazy about. It’s free for fans and they get the chance to win rewards like meet-and-greets, signed merchandise and so on. It’s a fan club for the modern age (the hordes of teenagers who swoon over Justin Bieber are proof enough that it’s a viable proposition!). I first saw Buddybounce pitch at an Angel Academe event in October last year, and remember being blown away by the success they’d already seen – the numbers they quoted were pretty impressive. Read the TechCrunch coverage here and see the press release here.

The second bit of news is the announcement of Entrepreneur Academe sponsored by the City of London. This is a 12-month mentoring programme for women founders of startups in any industry. They get access to a network of experienced professionals and a tailored programme based on key issues they’d like to see tackled, such as business and financial planning, leadership, product development, analytics, PR, sales and marketing, social media and investment. I’m proud to be a mentor. If you know a female founder please ask them to apply (the form is at the bottom of this page), and if you’d like to become a mentor, give Angel Academe founder Sarah Turner a shout by filling in these details.

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