A quick note about @IPA_Updates #ipadapt Diversification Adaptathon

I went along to the IPA’s Diversification Adaptathon recently. It was an interesting two days full of ideas and forced us to think about new ways in which we might be able to use technology and content for brands. On the first day, we had a Unilever client speaking about the importance of agencies working together to really bring a campaign like Dove Real Beauty Sketches to life by reducing media costs. The agency folk showcased some interesting campaigns they’d worked on: Volkswagen’s work with Channel 4 & Abbey Road Studios by Mediacom, Kids Company’s Print Happiness work by AMV last Christmas,  and Flora’s touch-free recipe player by Lean Mean Fighting Machine.

The second half-day was spent at the Bakery, where we were introduced to a few new start-ups that are working with clients and agencies in interesting ways.

Here’s a video of what it was like (you might spot me in it for a second):

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