An afternoon trip to the @sciencemuseum

I went to the Science Museum yesterday. Two interesting exhibitions: 3D – Printing the Future and Mind Maps: Stories from Psychology.

The greatest application of 3D printing is no doubt in medicine. Skull patches are pretty amazing. There were quotes from Anthony Atala, Dietmar Hutmacher and John Hunt on where they see this going: completely 3D-printed organs are still far away. I also didn’t realise 5.5 million people have already been helped by 3D printing – way more than I thought, considering we’re probably still only at the beginning. On that note, if you haven’t seen Anthony Atala’s TED talk, give it a go.

The Mind Maps exhibition was really not what I expected. There were a lot of frog specimens; more about neuroscience than anything else and yet fascinating, all that talk of electrotherapy, Pulvermacher’s chain, frog pistols and what not. Someone was inspired by animal electricity though – Mary Shelley, who apparently based Frankenstein on that logic!

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