On 2 launches last week: #lioninthetent from @HowOppFilm & The Circus by @DaniiK & team


Last week, I was invited by Daniele Orner Ginor whom I’ve known since by Made by Many days (when she was at BBH) to a rather intriguing event. It was a screening of a really short and entertaining movie called The Lion In The Tent, which is about a young British Asian Michael Jackson fan from Brick Lane and how he deals with the school bully, in addition to the launch of a new service that Daniele and a few of her friends have been busy working on the last two years.

The movie is fab – if anyone gets a chance to see it, then do.

The Circus

The service that Daniele and her friends launched, The Circus, is really interesting too. For the moment it is a web service where anyone can sign up, post ideas with 3 hashtags and one image, and then see if other people want to and can build on it. It’s completely anonymous, right until the point where you think the idea has actually got some legs, at which point the people who want to reveal themselves can do so, meet up in real life and get on with actually making it happen.

The event was held in one of the most beautiful old venues I’ve seen in London, Wilton’s Music Hall, which was a coup in itself because it added so much more to the evening.

The Lion in the Tent team are going to be busy submitting their 17-minute short to awards of all kinds. And the Circus is just getting started – go give it a spin!

Here’s wishing Jordan Howells, Natalie Blass, Joe Oppenheimer (the team behind the film) and Daniele Orner, Gabor Szalatnyai and Cary Hudson (the Circus team) all the very best.

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